ODDS LLC is located at 402 Winter Bluff Drive, Fenton MO 63026  (314) 518-6966
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Office Phone:  (314) 518.6966

Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM
Saturday 9AM - 1PM

ODDS, LLC - A VHS Tape Transfer Service Company In St Louis Mo

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402 Winter Bluff Drive, Fenton Mo 63026
Owen Digital Data Solutions LLC is a home based business.  We prefer to have customers call first before dropping off any projects. However, we will occasionally accept random drop offs (if someone is available at the time of drop off).  But the preferred method for dropping off projects is by calling to schedule an appointment first.  Thanks in advance.  
 `  ODDS Owner, Martin Owen
ODDS, LLC is located:
✔ East of 141 and just one mile from the Gravois Bluff Wal-Mart
✔ South of Route 30 / Hwy 30 and also south of Old Town Fenton and Gravois Road.  Just south of the new bridge.
✔ West of 270 as well as west of the Meramec River (Our home office is located up the street from the beach/park aread of George Winter Park on the Jefferson County side of the park area.
✔ North of Route21 / Hwy 21 (Tesson Ferry Road)

402 Winter Bluff Drive
Fenton, Mo 63026