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ODDS, LLC - A VHS Tape Transfer Service Company In St Louis Mo

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At ODDS, we want to know what we did right, what we did ok, and what we can improve upon.  Did you have a recent experience with Owen Digital Data Solutions?  If so, we would like to hear from you.  Please give us some feedback about your recent experience with ODDS.  Your opinion matters to us! 

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ODDS had my tapes back to me in no time.  Within a couple days and I had the tapes transferred and the digital copies made!  Thanks Alot ODDS!

Bob H.  St Louis Mo 

ODDS did a great job on my grandparents audio tape cassette transfer.  Their prices were reasonable, and they did the job fast.  They had it back to me within one day!  I would recommend Owen Digital Data Solutions to anyone who needs audio and/or video conversion services in St Louis.  they know what they are doing!

~ Heather S.  St Louis Mo

I am glad I had my slideshow created by ODDS.  They scanned all the photos and made the photos really come to life.  My mother's birthday party was the best because of the slideshow.  It wouldn't have been quite the same without the slideshow to set the night off right.  Thanks for doign such a memorable video for my mother.

-Carrie N.  St Louis Mo
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