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ODDS, LLC - A VHS Tape Transfer Service Company In St Louis Mo

Custom DVD Labels For Your DVD or CD

ODDS, LLC knows how special your home movie memories are to you.  For this reason, we offer DVD and CD labels for each and every video tape that we convert to DVD.  For $5 extra (per DVD/CD), we offer customized labels; labels for every type of special event.  Labels that include (but not limited to) notations for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, home movie memories labels, and customized video footage notations.  Whatever you have noted on your original VHS tape can be noted on your new DVD transfer for a minimal fee.   
Standard Inkjet Label - Free with DVD 
If you opt for the standard label for the disc it is free of charge.  Below is what 
our standard label will look like:

Customized Inkjet label - $5 per DVD 
If, however, you would like us to customize the disc label for you, we can offer this service for a minimal fee of $5 per DVD disc.  Below is a glimpse of what your customized label could look like.  Would you like a special photo scanned and placed on the front of your disc?  We can offer that option as well.  You can choose to tell us exactly what you want on the front of the disc, or you can leave the overall look and feel of the label up to us.  It is your choice!  Here are a couple of customized labels below:

Front of disc
Back of disc
Click here for larger view.
Click here for larger view.
Customized Label for Wedding Video 
Customized Label for Birthday 
Back of disc is seen same as above example.  (Click Here)
DVD cases for video transfer services.  All DVDs and CDs come with one slim case.
Each DVD or CD is placed in a clear 
slim DVD/CD case as seen below.